Children’s Sunday School

During the Sunday School hour, our children gather in the sanctuary for large group where we sing, learn the catechism question for the week, and then dismiss to our smaller Sunday School classes that are grouped by age. All children’s Sunday school classes are located through the glass doors by the courtyard.

  • Communicant’s Class – 5th grade and older
  • 2nd-4th Grade
  • 5k-1st
  • 4k
  • 2’s and 3’s


Each Sunday during the services and the Sunday school hour, we have a fully-staffed nursery for children ages 3 and under. Our nursery is located directly off the Fellowship Hall. All nursery staff have  been properly screened so as to ensure that your children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. Volunteers need to have been a member at Providence for at least a year before serving in the nursery.

Summer Catechism Club

During the Summer, we practice the children’s catechism with our children using games and play. It’s a fun way for our kids to be with friends and practice the catechism while having fun. We do this for a few weeks in July.

Christmas Program

During the Christmas season, all of our children are encouraged to participate in a Christmas program that will include scripture reading, singing Christmas music, and a processional where the kids are dressed in a Nativity Scene.