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 March172019Mission of RedemptionRuth 4:11-22Ian Kayser
 March102019The GardenGenesis 2:8-17Ian Kayser
 March102019The RedeemerRuth 4:1-10Ian Kayser
 March32019The Breath of LifeGenesis 2:4-7Ian Kayser
 March32019The Seeds of RedemptionRuth 3Ian Kayser
 February242019The Great CommissionActs 1Keith Kanavel
 February242019The Search for RestRuth 3Ian Kayser
 February172019The God Who RestsGenesis 2:1-3Ian Kayser
 February172019The Hope of ChangeRuth 1:22-2:7; 2:17-23Ian Kayser
 February102019The God of ContentmentIsaiah 43Bryce Davis
 February102019The Story of ProvidenceRuth 2Ian Kayser
 February32019The God of CreationGenesis 1:3-23Ian Kayser
 February32019The Journey HomeRuth 1:6-22Ian Kayser
 January272019BeginningsGenesis 1:1-2Ian Kayser
 January272019Returning HomeRuth 1:6-22Ian Kayser
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