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 November112018How to Pray: The Conclusion1 Chronicles 29:10-13; 1 TimotIan Kayser
 November42018He Will Come2 Peter 3:1-13Ian Kayser
 November42018How to Pray: Deliver UsMatthew 6:13; 26:36-46Ian Kayser
 October282018And He Sat Down at God's RightHebrews 1:1-5Bryce Davis
 October282018How to Pray: RelationshipsMatthew 6:12,14-15Ian Kayser
 October212018Descended and Rose1 Corinthians 15:1-8,20-23Ian Kayser
 October212018How to Pray: ProvisionMatthew 6:11, 25-34Ian Kayser
 October142018How to Pray: Kingdom ComeMatthew 5:10; John 18:33-40Ian Kayser
 October142018Suffered and DiedActs 13:23-32; 1 Peter 3:18Ian Kayser
 October72018Conceived and BornLuke 1:36-38Ian Kayser
 October72018How to Pray: The NameMatthew 6:9; Psalm 67Ian Kayser
 September302018How to Pray: Our FatherMatt. 5:9; Is. 64:6-9; Rom. 8:Ian Kayser
 September232018Jesus, God's Only Son Our LordRomans 14:1-12Bryce Davis
 September232018How to Pray: HonestlyMatthew 6:5-8Ian Kayser
 September162018Maker of Heaven and EarthGen 1:1-3; Ps 19:1-6; 2 Cor 5:Ian Kayser
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