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 March292020From Fear to Hope (Part 2)Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 March222020From Fear to Hope (Part 1)Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 March152020Psalm 20Psalm 20Ian Kayser
 March82020The Logic of IdolatryActs 19:18-41Ian Kayser
 March82020Genesis 17Genesis 17Ian Kayser
 March12020The Search for PowerActs 19:1-20Ian Kayser
 March12020An Offering of ThanksPsalm 56Luke Bert
 February232020Hope During SadnessActs 18:1-11Ian Kayser
 February232020The God Who SeesGenesis 16Bryce Davis
 February162020An Unforgotten PromiseGenesis 15Bryce Davis
 February162020Good News for IntellectualsActs 17:16-34Ian Kayser
 February92020Too Close for ComfortGenesis 14Ian Kayser
 February92020God's Word on MissionActs 17:1-15Ian Kayser
 February22020Pilgrim Living 101Genesis 13:5-18Bryce Davis
 February22020Good News for EveryoneActs 16:11-40Ian Kayser
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