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 January202019The Problem of PainRuth 1:1-7Ian Kayser
 January132019A Cutting WordHebrews 4:11-13Ian Kayser
 January132019Loving DisciplineHebrews 12:3-11Ian Kayser
 January62019Endurance Under PressureHebrews 10:26-39Ian Kayser
 January62019An Invitation to DiscipleshipMatthew 4:18-22Ian Kayser
 December302018In My Father's HouseLuke 2:39-52Jeff Jordan
 December242018Two KingsMatthew 2:1-12Ian Kayser
 December232018Resurrection of the Body and tTheBryce Davis
 December232018Responding to Christmas: The LJohn 1:1-18Ian Kayser
 December162018Responding to Christmas: SimeoLuke 2:22-38Ian Kayser
 December92018Responding to Christmas: ShephLuke 2:1-20Ian Kayser
 December22018Forgiveness of SinsLuke 11:37-41Ian Kayser
 December22018Responding to Christmas: MaryLuke 1:26-38Ian Kayser
 November252018The Prepositions of the GospelEphesians 2:1-10Kevin Vollema
 November252018David: King and Deliverer1 Samuel 17Kevin Hale
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