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 September22018The Motivation to EndureHebrews 11:32-12:2Ian Kayser
 August262018EnoughPsalm 63Bryce Davis
 August262018Shaped by Truth2 JohnIan Kayser
 August192018More than Happy: ContentmentPhilippians 4:10-23Ian Kayser
 August192018Fear to Hope: Part 2Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 August122018More than Happy: ConflictPhilippians 4:2-9Ian Kayser
 August52018Shame to HonorJohn 2:1-12Ian Kayser
 August52018Fear to Hope, Part 1Psalm 34Ian Kayser
 July292018More than Happy: ForwardPhilippians 3: 12-4:1Ian Kayser
 July222018He Loves Like a God; He CondesPsalm 113Bryce Davis
 July222018IdentityPhilippians 3:1-11Ian Kayser
 July152018Enjoying God Through His WordPsalm 119:1-8Ian Kayser
 July152018More than Happy: ExamplesPhilippians 2:19-30Ian Kayser
 July82018The Shepherd PsalmPsalm 23Ian Kayser
 July82018More than Happy: LightsPhilippians 2:12-18Ian Kayser
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