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 September82019WitnessActs 1:1-11Ian Kayser
 September12019Spirit of Power2 Timothy 1:1-14Billy Meenan
 August252019This is ProvidenceMatthew 16:13-20Ian Kayser
 August252019A Hope that LastsJames 1:9-18Ian Kayser
 August182019The Stand of FaithEphesians 6:10-20Ian Kayser
 August182019Sight That Really SeesLuke 17:11-19Ian Kayser
 August112019Walking in GraceHosea 14Ian Kayser
 August112019The Grace to ChangeLuke 18:9-14Ian Kayser
 August42019The Prayer Of JesusJohn 17:1-26Ian Kayser
 August42019The Gospel Comes HomeEphesians 5:21-33Ian Kayser
 July282019The Walk of LoveEphesians 5:1-21Ian Kayser
 July282019John 10:22-42John 10:22-42Ian Kayser
 July212019The New Life TogetherEphesians 4:17-32Ian Kayser
 July212019A Name that is EnoughGenesis 11Bryce Davis
 July142019After the FloodGenesis 9Ian Kayser
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