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 November172019A Seeker is FoundActs 8:26-40Ian Kayser
 November102019The Mess of ProgressActs 8:1-25Ian Kayser
 November102019Do Not Commit AdulteryExodus 20:14Bryce Davis
 November32019A Church on the MoveActs 6-7Ian Kayser
 November32019Don't MurderExodus 20:13Ian Kayser
 October272019The Opportunity of ConflictActs 6:1-7Ian Kayser
 October202019Honoring Father and MotherExodus 20:12Bryce Davis
 October132019The Fourth CommandmentExodus 20:7Ian Kayser
 October132019Truth in CommunityActs 4:32-5:11Ian Kayser
 October62019The Third CommandmentExodus 20:7Ian Kayser
 October62019Good News for the FearfulActs 4:1-31Ian Kayser
 September292019Freedom from ShameActs 3Ian Kayser
 September222019How to Worship: 2nd CommandmenExodus 20:4-5Ian Kayser
 September222019Portrait of CommunityActs 2:42-47Ian Kayser
 September152019First Commandment: IdolatryExodus 20:1-3Bryce Davis
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