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 February162020Good News for IntellectualsActs 17:16-34Ian Kayser
 February92020Too Close for ComfortGenesis 14Ian Kayser
 February92020God's Word on MissionActs 17:1-15Ian Kayser
 February22020Good News for EveryoneActs 16:11-40Ian Kayser
 February22020Pilgrim Living 101Genesis 13:5-18Bryce Davis
 January262020The Math of GraceActs 15:1-21Ian Kayser
 January262020We Are Weak but He is StrongGenesis 12:10-13:4Bryce Davis
 January192020AbrahamGen 12:1-9Ian Kayser
 January192020Good News for OutsidersActs 14:1-23Ian Kayser
 January122020The Tenth CommandmentExodus 20:1-21Ian Kayser
 January122020Good News for Religious PeopleActs 13:13-43Ian Kayser
 January52020The Ninth CommandExodus 20:16Ian Kayser
 January52020New Year's ReconciliationMatthew 5:38-42Ian Kayser
 December292019The Whole GospelActs 11:19-30Bryce Davis
 December222019Unto Us a Samson is BornJudges 13Bryce Davis
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